Week 26  -  6.24.12 - 6.30.12  -  Oliver

Materials:   Copper, Sterling Silver, Vitreous Enamel, Stainless SteelSteel Screws

Ring Dimensions:   1.33” H x .940” W x .940” D

On August 11th, 1996 a six-sided snowflake formation appeared in the field at a location known as Oliver's Castle, near Devizes, England. A camper (who also happened to be an amateur photographer) was allegedly able to videotape a 17 to 18 second segment during which four balls of light (or BOL as they are sometimes called) appeared, apparently initiating and completing the entire formation virtually instantaneously. Experts in the field studied this video footage and it appeared that the film sequence showed either a very elaborate attempt at fraud or the most incredibly important crop circle film footage ever seen. Since that summer in 1996, the Oliver's Castle video footage has caused a tremendous amount of speculation but in the end, the video has been shown to be a hoax and accepted as such by all but the most devoted believers. Despite this example and the ensuing fraudulent nature of the video, BOL continue to be a common theme in crop circle accounts and reports.