Materials:   Green Quartz, Copper, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel Screws

Ring Dimensions:   1.43” H x 1.28” W x .949” D - Size 7  

Qalupalik is an Inuit mythological creature that lives under the northern sea ice. She is a human-like creature with long hair, green skin, and long fingernails. There seems to be some debate on whether or not there are multiple Qalupalik or just one.

The myth is that Qalupalik stalks the shore during the dangerous spring break up of the ice. Looking for wayward children who have disobeyed their parents, she is said to make a distinctive humming sound to coax children to the edge of the ice. If she catches you, she will put you in her amoutik (a pouch to carry children) and take you underwater.

Some stories say that she wants raise the children as her own, never to see their family again. Some say she steals the children so as to eat them. Some indicate that Qalupalik feeds on the children’s youth to keep herself immortal. As long as there are misbehaving children that she can catch, she can stay young forever.

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