Week 42  -  10.14.12 - 10.20.12  -  Scorpio

Materials:   Copper, Sterling Silver

Ring Dimensions:   .960” H x .940” W x .653” D

The constellation Scorpius, which is Latin for ‘scorpion’, lies between Libra to the west and Sagittarius to the east. It is a large constellation located in the southern hemisphere near the center of the Milky Way. Scorpius contains many bright stars, including Antares. Most of the bright stars are massive members of the nearest OB association: Scorpius-Centaurus. Its bright stars form a pattern like a longshoreman's hook. The star once designated as Gamma Scorpii (despite being well within the boundaries of Libra) is known today as Sigma Librae. The entire constellation of Libra was considered to be the claws of Scorpius (Chelae Scorpionis) in Ancient Greek times and a set of scales held aloft by Astraea (represented by adjacent Virgo) formed from these western-most stars during later Greek times. The division into Libra was formalized during Roman times.

Those personalities born between October 23rd and November 21st are in the eighth sign of the zodiac. This fixed, water sign lives by the expression, ‘still waters run deep’. This fixed expression of the water element gives them real insight into themselves and their surroundings. Such perspicacity can usually work to their advantage, but if taken to extremes, could create a lack of faith in life and a mistrust of their peers. Scorpio resourcefulness, coolness under fire, and recuperative powers all combine to make them a strong opponent and they are only combative if necessary and are strongly protective of loved ones. As a loyal friend, they are more likely to be the one asked for help than the one in need of it. Traditionally, Scorpio is protective of their privacy and even prone to reclusive brooding. They may find physical exertion is important in releasing tension. They can be tenacious to the point of obsession and have deep reserves of will power. Even when they are feeling friendly, Scorpio sometimes senses people are apprehensive of them or they may even try to encourage this. Traditionally, they are hard to read as Scorpio personalities are not given to talking unnecessarily and may be thinking anything behind an enigmatic Sphinx-like expression. However, some Scorpio do not have a serious demeanor at all, but instead, blend in amicably with their peer group. Although, these exceptions still have hidden depths below the surface and are prone to using humor as a defense mechanism to shield real emotions. Scorpio traits give them creativity and a penchant for applied knowledge. They can be introspective but essentially want to live with intensity and feeling. They can surprise people with their generosity and have a self-sacrificing side when helping or defending the downtrodden. On the negative side, Scorpio should beware power seeking with a justification that the end justifies the means. They may also have a temper and are more likely to not react immediately and then launch a surprise attack at a later time.

The ancient Greek version of Scorpius was much larger than the constellation we know today. The Greek scorpion was in two halves: one half contained its body and sting, while the front half comprised the claws. The Greeks called this front half Chelae, which means ‘claws’. In the first century BC the Romans made the claws into a separate constellation, Libra, the Balance. In mythology, this is the scorpion that stung Orion the hunter to death, although accounts differ as to the exact circumstances. Eratosthenes offers two versions. Under his description of Scorpius he says that Orion tried to ravish Artemis, the Hunting Goddess, and that she sent the scorpion to sting him. But in his entry on Orion, Eratosthenes says that the Earth sent the scorpion to sting Orion after he had boasted that he could kill any wild beast. In either case, the moral is that Orion suffers retribution for his hubris. This seems to be one of the oldest of Greek myths and the origin may lie in the sky itself since the two constellations are placed opposite each other so that Orion sets, as his conqueror the scorpion rises. The constellation is actually much older than the Greeks. The Sumerians knew it as GIR-TAB, the scorpion, over 5000 years ago.