Week 32  -  8.5.12 - 8.11.12  -  SSN-589

Materials:   Copper, Sterling Silver

Brooch Dimensions:   1.86” H x 1.66” W x .140” D

The USS Scorpion (SSN-589) was a Skipjack-class nuclear powered submarine of the United States Navy, commissioned on July 29th, 1960. After initial assignments of training and other short operations, her homeport became Norfolk in 1962 and remained so for rest of her career. The Scorpion specialized in the development of nuclear submarine warfare tactics. Varying her role from hunter to hunted, she participated in exercises which ranged along the Atlantic coast and in the Bermuda and Puerto Rico operating areas. The USS Scorpion was a fast attack submarine and had a reputation for excellence.

In 1966, she was deployed for special operations and entered an inland Russian sea during a Northern Run where her crew successfully filmed a Soviet missile launch through the periscope before being forced to flee at high speed. On completion of such special operations, her commanding officer received the Navy Commendation Medal for outstanding leadership, foresight, and professional skill. Other Scorpion officers and crewmen were also cited for meritorious achievement.

On February 15th, 1968 the USS Scorpion got underway for a Mediterranean deployment. Upon departing the Mediterranean on the 16th of May, she headed west for home. On May 21st, she indicated her position to be about 50 miles south of the Azores. Six days later, she was reported overdue at Norfolk and a search was initiated. On June 5th, the USS Scorpion and her crew were declared ‘presumed lost’ with 99 crewmen aboard.