Week 27  -  7.1.12 - 7.7.12  -  Warren

Materials:   Copper, Sterling Silver, Vitreous Enamel, Stainless SteelSteel Screws

Pendant Dimensions:   2.25” H x 1.79” W x .370” D

In June of 1995, a particularly intriguing formation was found at Longwood Warren in Hampshire, United Kingdom. The inescapable suggestion of this crop circle is that it depicts a representation of the inner portion of our solar system. The formation consisted of an outer ring of circles of various sizes, possibly representing the asteroid belt, a center circle representing the Sun, and concentric rings between the two depicting the orbits of the inner planets. Despite an apparent Mercury, Venus and Mars being included in the design, there was no third planet. In other words, no Earth. This crop circle, given the quick and dirty interpretation, might give us pause to contemplate the fate of our planet. It was later realized that the position of the planets were oriented as they would be seen from the earth's viewpoint and aligned accurately for the day the formation was created. It was also speculated to be the day the comet Hale-Bopp would enter our solar system.